A fineness that is as iconic as it is surprising

BEE combines quality and design in a high-end product. A resilient piece of engineering, the result of a refined work process based on innovation, technology, materials science, and process sustainability.


BEE strives to combine shapes and volumes to convey a fineness that is as iconic as it is surprising. Something similar to the flight of a bee, which manages to fly despite its small wings.


Made of polypropylenewith 30% fiberglass and gas injection, BEE offers a unique and extra-compact design with no sharp edges or seams, making it pleasant to touch.


The versatile nature of BEE means it can adapt to give any space its own unique character, from hospitaliy, to residential or corporate spaces.


Its manufacturing process allows the weight of each piece to be significally reduced which, in turn, makes it easier to transport and allows up to five chairs to be stacked.


BEE can be used as an individual chair in hotel rooms, a guest chair in offices, or a chair in meeting rooms or auditoriums.

Vicent Berbegal – Founder of Actiu and designer of Bee chair

“BEE is a piece that takes its inspiration from nature, mainly from bees. Not only because of their morphology, but due to their ability to create spaces for their habitat. It is a piece that includes innovation, materials science, and process sustainability in an iconic silhouette. This is a very personal project for me.”


A resilient piece of engineering, made of 100% polypropylene and glass fibre, which stands out for its stable and versatile design, which has been awarded a Special Mention by the jury of the German Design Awards in the category of Excellent Product Design in the Furniture category.



Designer: Vicent Berbegal

Manufacturer: Actiu

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