CASUAL bench


The CASUAL Bench with its comfortable upholstery and stable tube construction supports every form of meeting and relaxation. Whether a spontaneous meeting in the team or the short coffee break in between, even waiting becomes a pleasure here.


The CASUAL Bench is available as a Single Bench or Double Bench, with or without a backrest. The two different widths work for all room sizes, even in the smallest of spaces, such as our NOOXS Think Tank. The CASUAL Bench can be matched to any environment thanks to the wide range of contemporary fabric colours.

The three different seat heights offer possibilities for every form of meeting.

CASUAL Bench Low

The CASUAL Bench Low in seat height corresponds to the classic bench height. With a seat depth of 48.5 cm, the CASUAL Bench Low is available for relaxing as well as for informal exchange.

CASUAL Bench Medium

The CASUAL Bench Medium inspires an agile posture with its sitting/standing height, as the feet can be placed on the floor. It has a seat depth of 40.5 cm.

CASUAL Bench High

The CASUAL Bench High in standing height offers the possibility to be seated at the same height as someone who is standing, enabling communication at eye level. It has a seat depth of 40.5 cm.

CASUAL Bench seating heights:

  • CASUAL Bench High: 79,5 cm
  • CASUAL Bench Medium: 69 cm
  • CASUAL Bench Low: 48 cm

Manufacturer: Bene

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