CONSULT Workstation

The elegant connection of work and discussion.

CONSULT offers the perfect foundation for conveying a professional appearance: the spacious work desk system elegantly combines desk, storage and meeting area into one piece of furniture. On one hand it is a place for focused working, while also a space for informal exchange, expert consultations and successful negotiations on the other. CONSULT conveys identity and looks inviting – making anyone feel that they are in good hands.


Frame leg

The design of CONSULT doesn’t rest purely with the form of its table top, but more so with its frame leg. You can choose between two different forms of frame legs:

  • CIRCLE available in aluminium, black and white.
  • SLOPE available in aluminium, polished aluminium, black and white.

Whether in management, in individual or team offices, or at the point of sale – CONSULT conveys openness, individuality and quality.

Table top

With its generous dimensions of up to three meters in length, the table top comfortably creates an opportunity for good conversations and focused working. Whether rectangular, ovular or angled, it’s simply a question of taste.

Table panel

An additional table panel offers a subtle privacy screen for exposed workspaces.

Design: Kai Stania

Manufacturer: Bene

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