Temporary, focused work in shared space DOCKLANDS by Bene offers workplace solutions for employees who temporarily need a high-quality workstation for skilled and complex activities.

Whether it’s to escape from a standardised office setting or an anchor point for employees who are only on site temporarily.

The DOCKLANDS product family is an entirely new type of furniture, a “Me Place” in open space. The heart of the family is the Dock-In Bay: a high-quality individual workstation for concentrated, focused activities.

There are also supplementary elements such as the intelligent, compact service units: a Service Dock, a Coat Rack and a Phone Booth.

In addition, the word DOCKLANDS is synonymous with exchange and encounter, arrival and specialisation, intense activity and modernity, diversity and innovation.

  • Emotional design quality and high visual and acoustic screening.
  • The Dock-In Bays can be configured as an individual station or as a double unit in various arrangements.
  • Useful accessories such as an integrated Coat Rack and a desk shelf help to keep order even in the smallest of spaces. People can use an indicator to show that the workplace is occupied.
  • Ideal for Navigators and Gatherers who spend the majority of their working time outside of the building or at mobile work places.
  • Designed for focused individual work.
Presence indicator
Coat rack
Desk lamp







Design: PearsonLloyd

Manufacturer: Bene

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