“Efit has been designed with new working methods and new business environments in mind. We have created a range of starter products which retain all of the benefits and features of more advanced products thanks to the design of their parts and the new materials used”.

“Younger generations seek optimization and simplicity. We created the Efit chair on this same premise, providing ergonomic solutions and an efficient production process. Efit chairs are largely manufactured using thermoplastic materials which are easily recyclable. This plus their optimized logistics process makes Efit one of our most environmentally-friendly chairs”.

Actiu launched Efit after reflecting on the younger generations and their dynamic, flexible and creative working styles. The Efit chair has a youthful and free-spirited aesthetic which brings together comfort and ergonomic design. This chair has been designed with a focus on people and on making them feel comfortable and centered while still giving them freedom to move around.

Evolution at work for a healthy and productive life.

Efit has a flexible, breathable backrest, manufactured from polypropylene and glass fibres which respond to shoulder movements through a dynamic back support system which takes the weight off the upper area of the nec k and back. The chair has two backrest heights and a groove in
the lumbar area which provides the user with greater comfort.

The Efit chair is the result of the collaborative work between Alegre Design’s with more than 15 years of experience in designing chairs and Actiu’s productive capacity. It is one of the most comfortable chairs made by the company. The composition of the foam, the air comfort system and the thickness of the seat are some of the most notable ergonomic qualities of this chair.

Efit offers a wide range of customization options using monochrome designs (black or white), an optional upholstered back pad -an alternative which increases comfort- and a wide range of frames and seat upholstery options.

The Efit chair has been conceived, designed and manufactured to cater to a free-spirited, spontaneous and connected generation of people that do things their own way and that fit easily into all types of workspaces, whether these are a traditional office, a ‘coworking’ area or a ‘home office’.

Efit is available in different chair and stool models. Stools provide a comfortable and ergonomic solution for high-level meetings, with the same design and innovation qualities shared by the seats and backrests of the entire line.

Design: Marcelo Alegre, Alegre Design

Manufacturer: Actiu

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