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LEVEL – Lift your ideas

With its latest product family LEVEL LIFT, Bene complements its extensive workspace portfolio and underpins its strong position as a thought leader in the industry. The new height-adjustable desks are easy to adjust and allow for ergonomic and healthy work without any back pain.

Numerous studies have shown that sitting in the workplace for a long time puts a strain on the health of employees, causing significant productivity losses every year. Especially with back pain, prevention is the central approach to reduce sick leave and often even a little movement while working makes a big difference. In response to these challenges, Bene has developed LEVEL LIFT, a new range of height-adjustable desks, that really impresses with their innovative and functional design and high product intelligence. Designed for alternating between sitting and standing, these desks make a significant contribution to keeping the body and mind active, and are available in a variety of designs, colours and surface finishes.

All tables in the LEVEL LIFT family are progressively height adjustable from 64 to 130 cm, with a very low noise level of less than 43 dBA. Height adjustment is achieved with the latest handset technology – with Bluetooth optionally available. In addition, the tables are equipped with a user reminder function to get up.

“Anyone who uses the office for long, focused work needs a space that conveys clarity and focus on the essentials. And a work table adapted to his / her needs to protect against damage to health. That’s exactly what LEVEL LIFT stands for: sit, stand, walk. That’s how the body stays in action, the thoughts flow and the ideas almost spring up spontaneously,”

says Mag. Michael Fried, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Bene, describing the benefits of the height-adjustable tables from Bene.





The simple and cost conscious entry-level model from the new LEVEL LIFT series.






A desk for organizations that place great value on ergonomics and the wellbeing of their workforce.






A tailor-made solution for those who want to combine ergonomics while working with high quality materials and exclusive design.





Combining the advantages of Workbench and Lift Desk: it promotes communication and teamwork while sitting or standing.




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