Individually height adjustable.

LEVEL LIFT TWIN combines the advantages of a lift desk and a workbench without sacrificing flexibility: two LEVEL desks are connected with the “combination leg” to the LEVEL LIFT TWIN. If necessary, two single tables are created at any time. LEVEL LIFT TWIN promotes communication and teamwork while sitting or standing. The height-adjustable double workstation solution features a reduced design and creates a clear and tidy look in the open plan offices thanks to the continuous frame and the central cabling.

Two models are available, one based on LEVEL LIFT and one on LEVEL LIFT PURE. All desks offer an electrical continuous height adjustment from 64 cm to 130 cm with the latest manual switch technology that also comes with Bluetooth as an additional option.
LEVEL LIFT TWIN tabletops are available in a rectangular shape or curved on user side with a total depth of 170,5 cm. The surface finish can be specified from the current Bene colour spectrum.

Design: Christian Horner


Manufacturer: Bene

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