PORTS Task Lounge


The PORTS Task Lounge is a combination of a lounge chair, a practical rotating table and a panel – a workstation that unites comfort functionality. With its unique seat tilt adjustment, the lounge chair allows for seamless transitions between a laid-back, passive and an upright, active sitting position.

The seat can be tilted forward thanks to integrated seat tilt adjustment, thereby promoting an active, upright sitting position. In its starting position, the table simply provides the user with a surface for personal items, but it can also be rotated effortlessly towards the lounge chair for writing or when working on a notebook or tablet.

Working effectively means striking the right balance between inspiration and design and between thinking and acting. The PORTS Task Lounge lends support in active and passive periods of the creative process alike and is both an oasis of tranquillity and a workstation. Its versatility comes first and foremost from the mobile table module and the functional lounge chair. Just the thing in an age when mobile devices are liberating us from static workstations.

MEETING LOUNGE – Meet & Decide.

Meetings can be held in all kinds of settings. The freer the participants feel, the freer their thoughts can develop into good ideas.

When arranged as a meeting lounge, the PORTS Task Lounge promotes engagement and interaction without the need for a conference table and strict distance. It is both comfortable and functional. The composition of multiple modules defines a new form of meeting room in which your own microcosm plays an elementary role.

PORTS Duo Task Lounge

The Duo TaskLounge chairs can be configured diagonally adjacent, left or right, or mirrored. All equipment variants and options are available on both sides in all cases.


  • Backrest: With either a low or high back.
  • Alignment: Configurable on the left or right side. Free-standing or wall-oriented.
  • Headrest: For the high back Active Chair, easily assembled and height adjustable.
  • Seat: Can be specified with optional tilt adjustment.
  • Leather shelf: Optionally available with a wireless charging function.
  • Upholstery: Can be specified in either single-coloured or with inside and outside colours.

Design: PearsonLloyd


Manufacturer: Bene

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