Office spaces are becoming increasingly multifunctional areas. The PURE is as flexible as everyday working life. It can be effortlessly moved from room to room thanks to its innovative materials, eliminating the need for heavy mechanisms and resulting in a surprisingly light chair. The PURE goes wherever it is needed, and is ready for anyone to use in an instant.

What’s on today’s agenda? A team meeting, followed by meetings with customers, then focused desk work? PURE is the right solution in every situation. Its intelligent design makes it a flexible partner in the modern working world, thanks to its ability to adjust to every user. Suitable for employees, customers and visitors, it never ceases to amaze: Every PURE feels right from the outset.

The innovative Smart Spring technology adapts to every user, encouraging active sitting and enabling the occupant to use the PURE intuitively – thus making it their very own PURE.


Designer: Andreas Krob, Joachim Brüske – b4k

Quality produced for the environmentTested for contaminantsThe Blue AngelTested safetyWarranty (10 year)German Design Award 2019 WINNERErgonomics approved (Swivel chairs)BIFMA 2017 (Swivel chairs)