Design teams up with health and wellbeing to offer a fully ergonomic chair that is fully adjustable to every user’s body. Back, arms, neck, and knees, STAY keeps every part of the body in its natural posture. A versatile, comfortable, and sustainable chair.

“Stay is a technically advanced chair, designed to ensure good posture at all times. It features several mechanisms to adjust the seat, backrest, and armrests. The comfort and style it offers make it a highly versatile solution for all
spaces”, according to Alegre Design.

The time spent sitting down working should be comfortable. Posture and body movement are critical in preventing workdays taking their toll. The design of STAY naturally keeps the lower back, back, and spine in the correct position. It combines smart technology with high comfort.

The best colleague gets the best out of others. That’s why STAY is essential in all offices. The backrest keeps the back straight without the user having to make an effort to stay in or change position. It includes an advanced self-weighing synchronization system that automatically adapts to the user’s weight. This, combined with the other ergonomic features, allows the user to spend the time they need to on a task without aches or pains.

The STAY model is designed to ensure user comfort and help them adopt good posture habits while working. This task seating keeps all parts of the body in good posture. The concave seat also adds extra comfort.

Design: Marcelo Alegre, Alegre Design

Manufacturer: Actiu

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