Talent was created to consolidate a single solution that met all the arising needs in spaces that aim to motivate critical thinking, innovation and the transfer of knowledge in a much more active, fun and creative way.

Cultural transformation is promoted by means of the flexibility of the spaces.


The TALENT 500 lifting system does not require an electrical connection.

The height of the table can be regulated by means of an easy-to-use gas piston. This makes it possible to work standing up without the need for nearby power outlets.

Talent is made from a very resistant aluminium structure and a melamine surface with rounded corners and rubber edges to prevent injuries. Furthermore, it has a stand format, as well as the possibility of choosing surfaces that can be written on.

Talent is unique on the market by introducing a high technical performance table in training spaces. Adjustable, mobile and folding tables that have been designed for the customization of spaces and the application of learning methods based on practical intelligence.


Practical intelligence.

Talent allows to enhance individualized training, the personalization of content and the development of one’s own skills, establishing learning methods based on practical intelligence so that students can discover their creative potential.

For ease of maintenance and storage, Talent is stackable. The aluminium legs are designed to allow several users to work without disturbance or discomfort.


The TALENT 100 model is perfect for training spaces and educational centres.

They are fixed and compact tables which are 74 cm high, with a melamine surface and a steel and aluminium structure. They can be complemented with cable access grommets, flaps and have anti-slip levellers to prevent vibrations.

Design: Marcelo Alegre

Manufacturer: Actiu

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